Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Changes yet again

When things get unclear when you don't know what lays ahead for you; would you risk your old ways to get a new life? or would you trade the new opportunities to get back what you lost?

It is often a misconception, when people think that going to the United States make life easier for the one given the opportunity. I remember hearing my husband how he didn't like living in the US. And I would wonder what in the Philippines does he treasure more?!

Now I know better.

Life in the Philippines is way more comfortable than here. Life there is slower, but friends and family will never be left behind. Work is never a hindrance to family bonding, friends getaways, among others which make life enjoyable.

Here in the US, people are always in a hurry. One will always be either stuck at work, in traffic or errands. Vacations are planned, not done in a whim. Rest are always in hours, not days.

I used to whine on having to work on weekends. But thank God, at home, you won't have anything else to do but lay down on bed...Here,when you get home from work, the baby is waiting, the laundry keeps peeking out of the closet, the dust tickles your nose, used pans are way too much for your eyesight--there's just no one else to do it, but you!

So, you do it. Then, when your body is too tired, you lay down to sleep...and in a few minutes, the baby is crying! You didn't forget to feed the baby, did you?!

As always, change is good. It keeps you in line. It makes you realize things you took for granted.
Now, I know what I want...I'll see you all soon back home!

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