Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playing Wizard 101

I have been playing wizard 101 for almost a month now. Getting to know lots of people is one of the perks I enjoy the most. I call them "friends".

Two of them are realistically brothers--Blaze and Sean (not their true name by the way). Blaze is older by one year. But it was Sean who carries Blaze around to help him with his quests. They crack themselves together. I think Blaze is funnier though.

Another is a ten-year old Anthony, who asks almost everyone how old they are, and keep telling us he is just ten. LOL. I guess that's how ten-year-olds are. And, oh, he's always polite! :-)

Then, Tara, who sure is an adult, won't even tell us how "adult" she is! Just that she's married and has a couple of adult kids.

There's Alex, who has a four-year old son; Trevor, a mom who took over his seven-year-old son's account when it proved too difficult for him. And I would never forget Digby, who, I am sure is an adult the first time I met him. What kid would say "obsidian" in the first place?!

We usually get off the game, as some would go cook, eat dinner and the thing I usually do--change nappies. Some kids would tell me they were forced to eat by their mom. Others would hurriedly go to bed as their mom gets so mad when she repeatedly told him to do so many times before that.

But those are our real lives. And as we go back to the game, we sometimes forget how old or young we are. Or the one who's been the leader of the pack is the youngest of all. This is the place where age does not matter. We enjoy being with each other, for not only does it make the game easier but it makes it more fun.

Again, here's the link to the game:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Famous Pork Chops

This morning, I was pondering whether I was going to let my husband buy us dinner tonight, or if I have the urge to try to cook again.

This past few months, I, who never knew how to cook during the time I was working, was suddenly having the urge to learn to do so. My husband, John, is a good cook, so he became my first teacher. Then, when he tried letting me cook our dinner, it kinda hurt me a bit to listen as he points out the bad and the good. So I stopped cooking for him. And started to cook for myself instead, without letting him try it. Then, one day, the food I was making became edible. So, I dared let John taste the food I found pleasant for my palate and thankfully, it passed his standards too.

And so, I have been trying to find new dishes, new ways and secrets.

Tonight, I'm making this "famous pork chops" from, with slight variation.

It took me 20 minutes to prepare, as I juggle between making my Nico stay away from the kitchen and doing what the recipe says.

And, another 45 minutes to wait for the food to be ready.

Finally, here it is:

Honestly, I was dismayed when I saw the chops as I pulled them out of the oven. But they really smelled good, and surprisingly, tasted good too! The only thing was, the breading was loose that every time I take a slice, I would scoop the breading from the side of the casserole so I can get the whole taste of it.

But, all in all, it's a good dinner.

...Oh, adding Parmesan cheese gives nice flavor too...