Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Baby Nico

Hi everyone! This is my son, Nico!

He's now 15 months old. Most people say he's bigger than babies his age, which I would certainly agree. He can now walk and run on his own. He can climb up the sofa (not on the bed yet) but climbs down on both. He can say mama, papa, tita, go, no, yeah...and some other "words" I cannot yet understand.

Generally, he's friendly. He never fails to get any one's attention every time we go out. He smiles at strangers and sometimes even tries to communicate with them. Although there are a few exceptions who make him cry almost the instant he sees them.

He eats almost every food now--with a voracious appetite at that. He loves pizza, chicken and fries. He eats spinach too.

Nico is a happy baby. He can be left alone and play with his toys by himself. And whenever he wants to watch TV, he just turns it on, without any one's help. I'm not really sure if he understand what he's watching, but I catch him laughing at jokes and dances whenever Spongebob's song is on.

There are 2 different cries this baby makes--one with tears, and the other, without. The first one is the genuine cry. He usually does this when he's hungry, sleepy or just got scolded. The other is for getting what he wants, whenever he's not allowed to.

When he does the second cry, the only one who can make him stop without giving in to his wants, is his "papa". He then stops "crying" and gives out a big pout, and forces a sniffle. It's so cute that we can't resist laughing. And when he hears everyone laughing, you'll soon get a sample of his "fake" laugh too. That makes us laugh even more.

I'd say, having a baby certainly makes our life more colorful.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wizard 101

I saw this ad in Nickelodeon (my son loves Spongebob!) about a new online game with e (for everyone) rating! I checked it out as it kinda tickled the inner child in me.

In the game, you basically play as a student in a wizard school, going on some quests, in an effort to save the City from a villain. You can also play player vs player duel, collect/trade cards, mini games, upgrade equipments, buy clothing and pets, and a lot more! Since it is an online game, you can be surprised how the game can change--new quests and updates they can add on it. You can try the game using their free trial. But there are certain parts of the game that can only be accessed if you subscribe (for $10 a month) or pay using crowns (2500 crowns costs $5 by the way). Areas would cost 750, 915, or 1200 crowns depending on the difficulty. They also have a family plan for $6.95 per month per family member. So you get a $3 saving per subscription.

The good news is, their free trial can never expire. The bad news is, when you get hooked on it, paying for the game is inevitable!

I for one, am planning to spend on it, someday. I'm still debating on it though. I've never paid for a game I will never keep before. So, we'll see what happens.

The thing I love in the game is the simplicity. Most of the games out there is kinda like "lord of the rings". This is a simpler version, more like "Harry Potter". There is not much violence in it, and the graphics is superb! I'm loving it more every day! I just hope they keep adding more "free quests" until I decide whether to buy some crowns or not.

Here are some of the screenshots:

If you want to check it out, here's the link:


My first post

I found this link for a tarot personae thingy from a fellow blogger. Hope you'll enjoy my first post.

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